When I was young, I wasn’t as into writing as I am today.  I used to write little poems and songs, but my love and admiration for writing increased as I got older.  In 2012, I started writing my first book with Jen Starzec about our journeys with transverse myelitis, entitled, 5kBalletand a Spinal Cord Injury.  My love for writing only grew stronger since I wrote my first published book, resulting in a newfound hobby.  Jen and I published the sequel to our first book and titled it Determination.  The sequel, published in 2016, picks up where 5kBalletand a Spinal Cord Injury left off and continues through our journeys with TM.  Both books are available for purchase on Lulu and Amazon!


Aside from my love for writing, dancing is a big passion of mine.  Since I was three-years-old, I’ve been doing ballet.  Choreography worked its way into the mix recently as well, and I’ve choreographed and performed three dances, including Falling Slowly, Therapy, and Sign of the Times.

stdance1 (2)
Falling Slowly
Sign of the Times

Other than writing, dancing, and choreographing, I am an expert at fangirling and eating and talking.

I hope you enjoy my blog!